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Our lead instructor, Dr. Charles Annunziata, has a unique ability to demystify complex problems and make them applicable to everyday practice. He is certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Low Back Case Management, Myofascial Therapy Techniques, Whiplash Case Management, Extremity Adjusting and Physiological Therapeutics. His Chiropractic foundation is a  mold of scientific evidence combined with a strong subluxation based philosophy.  This unique blend of science and philosophy is evident in the courses that he teaches.

Dr. Charles Annunziata's other passions, Tatum, Cleo and Charlie



Dr. Guy Annunziata has been instructing Chiropractors since 1992.  Since that time, he has always been interested in disc patients.  Unlike other Chiropractic conditions, the disc syndrome patient represents the biggest challenge for the Chiropractor.  Dr. Guy Annunziata's extensive background on treating and managing low back syndromes such as these, comes to light in his 2007 Chiropractic seminar series:  Disc Syndromes:  Non-surgical Case Management for the Chiropractic Patient. Dr. Annunziata has taught over 15 different seminars to over 10,000 Chiropractors and this seminar may be his best yet!  Don't miss it.


Dr. Guy Annunziata

Dr. Charles Annunziata
DC Seminars takes pride in bringing the latest cutting edge Chiropractic techniques and rehabilitation to your practice using state-of-the-art Power Point presentations and hands on instruction! 

Dr. Charles Annunziata's passion for Chiropractic began while playing High School football. Bothered by continuing cervical pain, Dr. Annunziata was introduced to Chiropractic by his mother, an avid Chiropractic patient.  After receiving a series of treatments, Dr. Annunziata was back on the field in no time.  From that moment he knew helping people the way he was helped would be his lifelong ambition.