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Clinical Examination and Treatment of Muscle Dysfunction plus Recordkeeping, Coding, and Compliance
Live 12 hour CEU Course
Not all muscle conditions are alike and may require specific diagnostic procedures to determine the most efficient and appropriate treatment to correct the dysfunction. If left untreated, gait, postural, and biomechanical issues will arise causing subluxations, pain, decreased range of motion, ligamentous injury and more. These simple techniques will give you the confidence to identify your patient's muscle condition and how to apply the correct treatment. Plus you will learn Recordkeeping, Coding, and Compliance with Dr. Marty Kotlar of Target Coding.  This is the most up to date information for today's Chiropractor in order to build, support, and maintain a succesful Chiropractic practice!

What You Will Learn:
• The use of posture and gait to determine possible areas of muscle dysfunction.
• The science and art of muscle testing to differentiate between the myriad of muscle conditions
• How to properly muscle test the upper and lower extremities.
• Facilitating and inhibiting muscles using muscle proprioceptor techniques
• Muscle Stretch Reaction Technique and how to differentiate between trigger points, fascial adhesion, and myofascial gelosis.
• Strain / Counterstrain: Disorganization between muscles, their proprioceptors, and the nervous system as a result of improper afferent stimulation.
• Reactive Muscles Pairs: How contraction of a muscle can cause weakness in another previously strong muscle. Determine if the muscle pair are antagonistic, gait related, or muscle interlinks.
• Recordkeeping, Coding and Complaince with Dr. Marty Kotlar

Putting it all together: How to simply incorporate these different muscle techniques into a quick and easy evaluation, diagnosis and treatment and the proper recordkeeping, coding and complaince for your practice.

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The 2018 Charlotte Chiropractic Event will include two separate 6 hour topics:    


Muscle Conditions and Associated Dysfunctions is a 6 hour course that is taught in a live one day module. The content of the course is specifically designed for Chiropractors, Doctor of Physical Therapists, and Orthopedists and the goal of this course is to provide physicians with instruction necessary to identify, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions in order to improve coordination, strength, range of motion and proper function. 


Environmental Challenges and their Impact on Our Patient's Gut Biome and Energy is a 6 hour course that is taught in a live one day module. The content of the course is specifically designed for Chiropractors, Doctor of Physical Therapists, and Orthopedists and the goal of this course is to provide physicians with instruction necessary to identify environmental challenges affecting patient's health conditions and energy and strategies these physicians can use to treat these conditions.


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IASTM:  Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization 2.0- Live 12 hour CEU Course
This is similar to our last IASTM seminar offered in 2014 only on STEROIDS!  Soft tissue pathology plays a primary role in limiting mobility often resulting in a profound loss of function.  The strength of tissue adhesions along with fascial contraction creates stress on spinal and extremity joints making joint mobilization difficult.  Removing these soft tissue restrictions using IASTM creates a more effective and lasting Chiropractic treatment.  This lab intensive CEU course covers theory and intervention strategies for identifying and treating soft tissue restrictions using Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) which is one of the fastest growing soft tissue mobilization techniques!  Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as access to our tutorial website to brush up on all IASTM techniques as well as a listing on our Doctor's website which patients will have access to in order to find IASTM certified practitioners.  Because of the Lab oriented nature of this seminar seating is limited. 

 Why America Is So Sick Today: Understanding Brain Development, Neuroplasticity, and the Chiropractor's Role - 12 hour live course 

The most unique seminar ever offered!  Chronic neurological conditions like ADD, Autism, Anxiety, Migraines, and Chronic Pain are increasing at alarming rates. This seminar discusses how these increases are correlated with significant shifts within society that negatively affect brain development such as prenatal maternal stress, video games, poor nutrition, and more.  Learn what natural options you can offer patients struggling with these issues. This seminar teaches brain development in ways that can be easily explained to patients and is a must for every Chiropractor! 



Evaluation and Management of Low Back Conditions - Live 12 hour CEU course
This course provides the Chiropractic Physician the tools necessary to incorporate an advanced way to analyze and diagnose low back conditions using history, examination, X-ray, MRI, postural distortions, and movement dysfunctions quickly and efficiently.  This course will help the Chiropractor differentiate the etiology of low back disc disease and the differences between bulges, degeneration, and herniations, differentiate lumbar from SI joint dysfunction, as well as link the low back condition to the cause based on the patient's movment patterns and postural presentations. The Chiropractor will also learn how to treat these low back conditions using spinal and extremity adjusting, soft tissue release, grooving movement patterns, through stretching, strengthening, and stabilization as well as flexion distraction and decompression techniques.

Functional and Neurological Diagnosis and Treatment of Whiplash - Live Course 12 CEU


The most informative and complete whiplash seminar you will ever take packed into 12 hours.  This is not your father's whiplash seminar!  You will become an expert at interpreting cervical MRIs, accelerated/decelerated accident dynamics and the effect of forces on the spine from the seat-belt, airbag, steering wheel, head restraint and occupant awareness.  You will be exposed to the latest research on the relationship between vehicle damage and bodily injury so you have the ammunition to fight any claim as well as become the go to chiropractor from attorneys for these types of injuries.  You will learn the clinical evaluation of whiplash injuries from structural to neurological to functional diagnosis and how to rate these injuries for permanency.  We will tie this all in to creating an effective treatment plan for whiplash injuries. Whether you have a personal injury practice or treat one case per year this is a cant miss seminar!



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Spinal Disorders: From Diagnosis to Treatment - Live Course 12 Credits
This course provides the physician with the tools to incorporate an advanced way to analyze and diagnose spinal disorders using history, examination, x-ray, postural distortions, and dynamic movement patterns easily and efficiently.  The physician will learn how to treat these disorders using spinal and extremity adjusting, soft tissue release, and grooving movement patterns through stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises as part of a standard of care for patients.  
  • How to begin the diagnostic procedure from the minute your patient walks into your office
  • Linking the spinal disorder to the cause based on the patient's movement patterns
  • The detrimental effects of spinal loading to common spinal disorders and which postures and movement patterns cause the most loads
  • How to groove spine saving movement patterns through adjustments, stretching, strengthening, Kinesio taping
  • Why some common exercises are causing more harm to your patients due to diurnal spine changes
  • The correct exercises for your patients based on their presentation and which exercises you should NEVER prescribe
  • Nutrition and how it affects your treatment and rehabilitation protocols 
 Set yourself above the rest... this seminar will show you how.

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The Dynamic Analysis, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Movement Related Dysfunctions - Live Course 12 Credits *

This is an essential one or two day module teaching you a new way to analyze and treat patients.  From Spinal and Extremity Diagnosis and Treatment to Soft Tissue Manipulation using Fascia and Lymphatic Channel Draining this seminar will change the way you practice.  Now learn why what we do as Chiropractors works from a physioligical and neurological perspective!

Some Topics you will learn:

  • How to Analyze Patients Using Static Postural Distortions as well as Observing Their 3D Dynamic Movement Patterns
  • Proving and Documenting Medical Necessity to Treat Conditions using These Diagnostic Tools
  • Looking Beyond the Chief Complaint to Find the Cause of the Problem Further Down the Anatomical Line
  • Alkaline and Acidic Environments and their Relationship to Musculoskeletal Conditions
  • Bringing the Antiquated Views of Fascia to Present and Learning how to Manipulate this Tissue for the Most Efficient Patient Treatment
  • Successful Chiropractic Treatments:  From Spinal to Extremity Adjusting, Soft Tissue Release, Nutrition, Flexibility and Strength Training
  • Discuss the Latest Treatments for: Spine Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff Issues, Breathing Difficulties, Cervical Posture Conditions, Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Dysfunctions
  • "Prehabilitation" Procedures to Avoid Re-injury

This is a must seminar whether you are a new Chiropractic graduate or in practice for 20 years, it will improve the way you treat patients!


The Chiropractic Treatment and Management of Headaches- Live Course 12 Credits *
An essential one day 12 hour seminar.  Thats right! Get all of your hours in one day! This seminar will instruct you on every approach to managing the headache patient from differential diagnosis to the most effective treatments available for the Chiropractic profession and how they compare to the medical approach.
What You Will Learn:
  • Differential Diagnosis - identifying the cause!
  • Proving and Documenting Medical Necessity to Treat and Manage Headaches
  • Etiology of the Different Types of Headaches
  • Documentation Using Outcome Assessment Tools
  • Co-management of the Headache Patient with the Medical Profession
  • Setting up patient short term and long term goals to increase treatment success and patient visit averages
  • The Medical Approach to Treating Headaches and How We Can Use This to Increase Our Practice
  • Whiplash and Headaches
  • The Chiropractic Approach to Treatments: Adjusting, Posture, Myofascial Release, Nutrition,Traction, TMJ Management, Accupressure, Blind Spot Mapping...
This seminar will make you an Authority on Headaches!

* Denotes seminar is not available this year.